Why Is It Important to Choose a Good Hairstyle?

Hairs are one of the most important parts of a human body which to an extent reflects the personality of the individual. However, most people tend to neglect their hair and instead concentrate on their face and physique. They feel that any hairstyle is fine as long as it does not make them look terrible. They might be right that most hairstyles might work out for them. But they do not realize that they are missing out the opportunity to enhance their beauty and personality by not selecting the appropriate hairstyle.

Here are some reasons why a person must select the appropriate hairstyle that would suit their face, hair as well as their personality:

1. Enhancing Personality and Beauty: The first and foremost reason to select a good hairstyle is because they can enhance their look and personality by using the right hairstyles. Why settle for an ordinary hairstyle if you can look better? In some cases, the childhood and adolescence hairstyle might be the best hairstyle for the person’s face shape and hair quality. But it is not true in all cases. A lot of people have realized that there are other types of hairstyles which work out better for them though they might not have thought of it previously. If the person is an entertainment professional then a trendy and modern hairstyle might work out well. On the other hand, a professional hairstyle might suit office goers better. If the selection of the hairstyle is right then it would definitely add to his or her personality and might also help them in enhancing their personality.

2. Matching The Face Cutting: The hairstyle that you choose must match the face cutting or in other words shape of your face (such as pointed face, broad face, circular face etc.) You might have noticed a lot of people whose hairstyle does not match their face at all. When a person meets such a person, the first thing which comes into mind is that what weird hairstyle are they keeping? So, to avoid such situations, you must research properly and choose a good hairstyle that matches well with the shape of your face.

3. Match The Lifestyle: The hairstyle you choose must match your lifestyle. The right hairstyle might also help in success in your respective careers. Hairstyles have helped several celebrities including rock stars, sportsperson, actors etc. to gain a massive amount of followers who try to copy their hairstyle. In case of professionals, it is also important to keep in mind the time needed for the hairstyle while selecting it. It is true especially for girls and ladies. A complex hairstyle might not be easy to make or to maintain for a regular female office goer. So, this must be kept in mind while selecting the hairstyle.

4. Suit Your Hair Type: Your hairstyle must not only suit your face but also suit your type of hair. For example, a regular hairstyle might not work out well with curly hair. Similarly, different densities of hair might also suit different hairstyles.

5. Experiment: Finally, it is not a bad idea to experiment once in a while. Change is the way of life. Why keep a constant hairstyle throughout your life? Why not try something different? However, proper research must be done before experiment especially if you need to go out of your house quite regularly.

So, it is very important to choose the right type of hairstyle after making proper research. If you are young and trendy, you might also like to experiment new hairstyles. However, try to get a computerized image of yours with that hairstyle before trying it. And try to take suggestions from friends and relatives as they might give a good idea on whether the particular hairstyle would suit you or not.

Will Exercise Improve Your Hair Growth Rate?

Will Exercise Improve Your Hair Growth Rate?

When a lot of people think of exercise, the most common things that come to mind include exertion, sweating and general body pains. Let’s face it, who wants that much hassle for more hair? However, it doesn’t have to be a scary prospect and can even turn out to be a lot of fun along the way.

There is a sound explanation behind exercise helping to improve your hair growth rate. When we exercise, our heart rate increases and improved blood flow occurs. This blood flow also takes place around your scalp area, which helps draw essential nutrients to your scalp and leading to longer and stronger hair.

Additionally, exercise increases serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin is aka the happiness hormone. When the levels are increased, it helps lower stress in your body. A stressed out body affects overall body function including the hair follicles, which can lead to stalled growth and hair fall.

What Kind of Exercises Can Improve Hair Growth Rate?

It doesn’t have to be all about the treadmill. There are many other exercises you can do. Weight training, yoga, power walking, martial arts, sailing, cycling and dance are some of the more popular ones. However, you can go with anything you enjoy as long as it’s something that gets your heart rate pumping.

How Much Exercise is Effective for Hair Growth Rate?

You don’t have to exercise for hours to get the benefits. In fact, too much exercise can prove counterproductive in the long run and cause injury. Daily exercise for 30 – 45 minutes is more than enough. If you can’t exercise every day, try to make at least 3 – 4 times a week your target.

It is important to note that exercise alone cannot improve hair growth rate. You still need to eat the right food and engage in healthy hair care practices to maximize the benefits of exercise. If you’re doing everything else right, expect to see a change in your hair within 6 – 8 weeks.

If you have an underlying condition causing stalled hair growth, they should be addressed and resolved before anything else otherwise whatever you do, exercise or otherwise, won’t make a difference and might even make your hair loss worse.

Keep in mind you’re not used to heavy exercise or haven’t exercised for a long time, go in for an overall body check to make sure everything’s functioning great before you engage in physically challenging activities.

Shampoos For Hair Loss – Ingredients That Will Help Your Hair Grow

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Hair loss can have negative impacts on both men and women, especially when the situation seems to only be getting worse by the day. Whereas there are so many fixes today, everyone takes pride in their natural hair and when it begins to thin it is normal to start getting concerned. Luckily, even though there are so many factors leading to hair loss, it is possible to reverse the effects products that are designed to counter it.

If you are experiencing hair loss and thinning, you may want to consider a proper shampoo. When used correctly, you should be able to start seeing changes with your hair growth. But this also means getting a shampoo that is top in quality and one that has ingredients that actually aid hair growth. Below are a few ingredients that can help grow your hair boosting your self-esteem in the process.

1. Minoxidil – It is a popular ingredient found in most products designed for hair loss. It prolongs anagen phase of hair cell which is the growth phase, thus promoting hair growth. The efficacy of this ingredient is well documented and it is said to actually work for most users. It is indeed an incredible ingredient for hair loss, hair thinning and hair growth.

2. Caffeine – You will also find this ingredient in most hair loss products. Caffeine basically works by stimulating elongation of the hair shaft and prolongs the hair growth cycle through DHT hormone effects blocking. Regularly using a hair shampoo containing this ingredient will help in restoring your hair.

3. Peppermint – It is an ingredient that stimulates circulation because it penetrates deep into hair follicles. With the increased blood flow, the hair follicles are able to get the oxygen they need and this stimulates growth of hair. Considering that this ingredient is also an astringent cleaner, a shampoo that has it will help greatly in clearing pores so the scalp breaths better and heals in the process too. A product that has peppermint, menthol or peppermint oil will work just fine.

4. Biotin – It is also known as Vitamin H and works by aiding cell growth and production of amino acids. Amino acids are essential for the health of your mane and the right levels of biotin help in the prevention of hair loss therefore. This ingredient will not only reap you good results with thinning hair but will also get you stronger strands.

5. Amino acids – L-cysteine and L-methionine are the known amino acids when it comes to combating hair loss. They supply sulfur to the cells, strengthening its fiber, growing hair and aiding length retention as well. The acids also help in the creation of red blood cells that deliver oxygen and nutrients to follicles leaving your growing hair healthy.

There are so many other ingredients that make hair loss shampoos effective in what they do including keratin, hyaluronic acid and apple stem cells among many others.


Reasons for Choosing an Appealing Hairstyle

The man has been always intrigued by the beauty and nature. People tend to look beautiful because their beauty depicts their lifestyle and is usually the reflection of their personality. People mostly tend to focus on their face and its traits but while doing so they forget the most important factor which is very important for their beauty. Hairstyles and the traits of your face form a mesh to depict your personality and beauty. Especially magnificent hairstyles not only enhance your glamour, but also make your looks sexy. Here are some guidelines that will not only help you make an appropriate choice for an appealing hairstyle but will also be a guide to a decent hairstyle that stands you out from others.

1 – Matching the Face Cutting:

Your face determines the type of hairstyle you should choose. The hairstyle that you choose must match the face cutting. The latest research has told that your face cutting determines 90% of your hairstyle. You might have observed the people whose hairstyles only look wear and ugly because their style is not matching their face cutting. So to avoid such situations and looks, proper research is very important. You ought to understand that it is the most significant thing especially keeping in mind the latest and modern hairstyles for men.

2 – Suit your Hair Type:

Your hairstyle must not only match the cutting of your face but it should also suit your hair type. The hairstyles will vary from thick hair to thin hair, now consider thick hair for men. The thick and curly hairstyle, especially with blackish or greyish tone, would look splendid. But these type of hairstyles would look absolutely awkward for thin hairs. This is due to a single reason that the hairstyle is dependent on the density of hairs but the people tend to look away from this fact. So after your face cutting your hair type holds an important part. If you feel like giving an interesting or stylish look it is highly recommended to research and check out information relating to most popular and modern styles.

3 – Match the lifestyle:

Your hairstyles can do wonders, not only for your own self-esteem because you gain confidence due to groom in your personality but it can also get you attention from the opposite sex which is usually the reason for selecting a hairstyle. There is no limit to your crazy mind when it comes to opposite sex. People may not accept and consider it just an illusion but the hard fact is that a person always tries to look beautiful to attract the opposite sex. Businessmen, students, artists, shopkeepers, professionals even entrepreneurs draw inspiration from the famous personalities. The only reason for inspiration is the lifestyle of those personalities and we have always seen famous personalities change the trends by their looks and hairstyles. So the people who move along with the modernity are usually those who are elite because the styles which are usually modern are expensive at first. A complex and modern hairstyles are always difficult to maintain.Because few people know its maintenance and these type of hairstyles always need regular checkups and trimmings. Usually, you might also need to join a beauty parlor on the regular basis instead of a casual barber. This is especially the case for men with thick hairs. Thick hairs have been always difficult to maintain especially if you are targeting some complex and modern look. So your hairstyle should be a proper reflection of a rich lifestyle. Especially considering business hairstyles for men with thick hair, thick hair has always been a sign of an elite lifestyle. For example, consider Pompadour prep hairstyle. This hairstyle focuses on high, soft and wet hairstyle which also needs a blower and a round brush for the formation of style. Along with this, it also needs a styling cream. So for all this a proper parlor is needed instead for a common barber. With a proper and beautiful hairstyle, a person’s facial appearance is enhanced and that guy stands out from the crowd.

The author is a professor at King Endward University and has been teaching since last 20 years along with teaching in several other Universities. He is a professor of Biology and hairstyles remain his passion.


Hairstyles for a Short Hair

Short hair is a modern hair style and many people no matter what their age are keeping their hair short. However it is not enough to keep your hair short, when you can style it in a more meaningful and fashionable manner. A few modern hair styles for short hair have been stated and explained below for you thorough understanding.

A smooth pixie hairstyle

A smooth pixie hairstyle is for a very versatile look and it works with any type of jewelry, makeup and also outfit. You can also try a pixie cut that is side parted just like the famous celebrity Jennifer Hudson.

A curly bob cut with bangs

This haircut is an elegant look that comes with flatters and frames. It flatters your entire bone structure at the right and the most appropriate spots. Kerry Washington’s cute bob haircut with bangs is a great example of this type of haircut.

A short and chic haircut

If you want a look that can make an extremely big impression with the most minimum effort, this is the best short haircut for you. You can also try the super cropped Afro Solange haircut and it is rocking. Here the bonus is that you’re extremely beautiful face is shows clearly from front as well as center.

A honey kissed swirl

In case you are yearning to add a little Old Hollywood type to your look, you must essentially try the wavy sided parted style. You can also think of adding a smoked eye and a red lip for an extra dose of glamour.

The platinum pixie hair style

This hair style can impact your look in an extraordinary manner. It is also equal to the part edge and part sexy.

The Voluminous Bob

This hair style is a very cute and polished hair style. It is worn by Danielle Brooks in the TV show Orange is the new black. You can ask your hair stylist to give you a very asymmetrical and angled bob cut.

The short and simple haircut

With the help of this haircut, you can show off all those eye shadows and pretty lipstick shades. This is a trademark hair style that many celebrities have already adopted.

An elegant pixie hairstyle

In case you love showing all your cosmetic skills, a very closely cropped style is what you need. A living example of this hair style is the famous Rihanna.


7 Amazing Hairstyles For Curly Hair

It’s time to take a look at top 7 hairstyles that are an excellent choice for women with curly hair.

1. Layered Bob Style

If you have curls which are longer in length and touch the shoulders, then give layers to the tresses with the bob cut. This hairstyle will look highly attractive and vogue, particularly extraordinary on girls who have thin and long faces. Surely, it is one of the best short hairstyles for curly hair.

2. Graduated Pixie Style

This style is often termed as the only curly haircut, which can be work wonderfully on any texture. Make sure that your hair is long at the top area of your head, before you decide to get a Graduated Pixie hairstyle.

3. Afro Hairstyle

Connected with everything carefree and joyful, this hairstyle can be worn sophisticatedly and elegantly as well. Afro hairstyle is most appropriate to a coarse and tight hair surface. Make sure that it is round at the top of your head and decreases down around your ears.

4. Blasts Hairstyle

This lovely, delicate and wavy hairstyle involves light layers running close by the base a portion of your hair and bangs which tenderly stroke your eyebrows. Blasts hairstyle works wonderfully for delicate, free curls compared to coarse, tight twists.

5. Curly Shag Hairstyle

Thin at the ends and fullness at the roots, Curly Shag hairdo is the most popular style nowadays. Curly Shag hairstyle best suits women with a curly hair surface that is not very unruly, coarse or bouncy.

6. Lob

Long bobs or ‘Lobs’ aren’t only meant for girls with straight strands. Go for a wedge cut, face-framing layers in the front, short layers in the back and long to make an amazing angle. One of the major benefits it gives is that the long layers can make a round face look slimmer. Since the layers are long in front, so you won’t be having any trouble with curls not blending up and bouncing around the face.

Never allow the back go wild and crazy. To get frizz in your control, you can use a heat & humidity gel while the hair is using fingers and utilizing the diffuser attachment on the blow-dryer. Bonus: due to its perfect cutting, it also avoids different reasons for female hair loss.

7. Tight Curls And Steep Layers

It is one of the best choices of hairstyle for women with curly hair. Also, the most preferred choice of many celebrities – so don’t be afraid to rock the world with this amazing hairstyle. By using a slide-cutting technique, you can go for long and wispy layers. Remember, it will get too curly, if you put too many layers at the top.


Choosing a Hairstyle As Per Your Face

A new haircut requires examining quite a few things, before you change over to it. You have to consider the shape and size of the face, your head, type of hair, weight and height and above all, your lifestyle. Are you wondering, for a mere new haircut, do we require all these? Well… you will not regret it, if you consider all these.

Consider the Shape and Size of your face and head.

For a square face, you should soften the features by adopting soft layers beginning from just below the jaw-line. Sleek and long hairstyles suit square faces as well.

If you have a round face, begin the layers at the cheeks, and adopt sweeping, long bangs to accentuate less the roundness of the face. When you combine the layers and the long bangs, your face will appear a little longer.

All kinds of hairstyles will go well with a perfect oval face. This type of face welcomes long sweeping bangs as well as medium haircuts.

For a heart-shaped face, medium length haircut, which begins just below the jaw line, is the best. Bangs fringing towards facial ends can balance the narrower bottom of the face.

Weight & Height
Longer hair usually makes you look thinner, while shorter haircuts make you appear heavy. Again, longer the hair the shorter you will appear, and shorter the hair, you will appear tall. When you are short and thin, a shorter hairdo will do. For robust, tall people, longer hair will be better. As an experiment, you can try some wigs or use pins or clips, to see how different haircuts will appear on you.

For busy, fast- paced people, a wash-and-wear haircut would suit. If you are leisurely, you can adopt haircuts, which may take time to styling.

Frizzy or wavy hair may not take in sleek and smooth haircuts. But then again, nowadays, salons do wonders on your hair. If your hair looks frizzy, you can ask the salon to give you a bob, like Victoria Beckham. Finally, all hair-cuts reflect your personality, and as such you have to choose the one that suits what you want to be in your life.

So as we have seen different hair style suits the different face shape and sizes. You should choose your hair style, keeping in mind the shape and size of your face. This will ensure that your hair style will suit you and complement your face shape.


How to Create a 1960s Flip Hairstyle

So you are off to a 1960s theme party and want to create a hairstyle of the era? If you have shoulder length hair, then the “Flip” is definitely the hairstyle for you! Made famous by Mary Tyler Moore on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and Elizabeth Montgomery from the popular show “Bewitched”, the “Flip” is certainly much easier to create these days than it was back then. Back in the 1960s, women had to use large curlers and spend considerable time under the hooded hair dryer to create this popular style, but these days we have the luxury of technology with curling wands and hair dryers to help create the look. The “Flip” was basically a style where the hair was backcombed and then flicked outwards at the ends to create a curl. Some women of this era combined the “Flip” with a bouffant style, where the hair was teased and the top layer brushed into a high, round, big barrel-like shape on top of the head. Modern day wearers of the “Flip” have included Hilary Clinton and Barbara Streisand, but there is less of the puffed up and big bouffant look of the 60s.

The “Flip” was and still is a very feminine and flattering style and looks best when the “Flip” ends above the shoulders. Depending on the size of the curl required, use either a small curling wand for a tight curl or a larger one for looser curls.

To achieve this look-

    • Ensure your hair is free of too much product as this could make it hard to achieve the “Flip”. Perhaps use a light mousse.


    • Use a curling iron to flip the curl outwards. It is best to do this in sections. Use hairspray if necessary to hold it in place.


    • (If your hair is too long it may not be possible to create the “Flip” as the curls may fall out.)


    • To create a “bouffant” you need to tease or backcomb the hair from around the crown and then smooth over with a brush. Add hairspray to keep the style intact.


  • The 1960s was also a time of the headband and the “Flip” can easily be worn with this accessory.So dress it up with either a wide polyester or crocheted or satin or elasticised headband.You can include a bow, feather, bandana or sash and your hairstyle will be back in the 1960s ready to rock and roll!


New Hairstyle Design: How to Treat Burned Hair

When you choose to use a curling iron to have straight or curly hair, you must expect it to be burnt, even if you were really cautious in using it. After all, it uses heat to straighten or curl your hair, and the frequent usage of this tool will surely lead to damaged, weak hair. This doesn’t mean you just sit there and wait till your hair heals itself from a burn with a curling iron. You must do something about it, as your hair is one of the most important features of beauty that you possess. How do you treat burned hair? Here are 4 steps you must follow…

Step one: Hydrate Your Hair

When your hair is burnt, it lacks moisture. It feels like a thirsty desert. What you need to do in this situation is to hydrate it more often. Find a rich moisturizer for your hair treatment, and apply it twice a day. This moisture found in the hydrator will treat hair from its cracks and split ends, and help it recover fast.

Step Two: Enrich it with keratin

Keratin is a protein that makes the hair feel rich and healthy and elastic. When the hair is burnt, this protein is lost. You need to enrich your hair with it by using conditioners and hair treatments for women that have keratin in them. Find the word “keratin” in the ingredients of the product.

Step Three: Rely on hair care products

The market is full with hair care products that help treat burned hair. Yet, even if you use special shampoo, do not wash your hair every day. Instead, rely on hydrating masks that moisturize your strands. Do that twice a week.

Step Four: Cut some of it off

If the burn is really strong and it feels impossible to heal it, just cut some of your hair off. After all, the burn will prevent the proteins from reaching your hair, and it would be much better if you lose some of it so that your hair regenerates.

Note: Cool Them Down

If you’re using your curling iron and you feel the burn instantly, don’t just continue with what you’re doing; instead, reach for an ice pack and cool down your hair. Find anything that’s frozen in your fridge and place it on your hair until the temperature goes down. The damage will sure be less.

First impressions are always important so take good care of your hairstyle design.

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Celebrity Hairstyles – The Shag Hairstyle

The fashionable layered haircut called the shag hair style has been embraced by many stars and people have followed by the masses. The shag takes many forms and is basically a messy layered cut. Layers are more prominent towards and around the face with hair length ranging from short, medium and long. Shags can be curly, wavy or straight. The look is crisp, carefree yet still professional.

This hairstyle is so versatile that and potentially looks fantastic on anyone regardless of their age, hair length, texture or color. The short style gives elder women more flamboyancy and youthfulness in their appearance. Doesn’t Lisa Rinna always look exceptional? Her short multi layered cut gives her a sophisticated yet I’m ready to play persona. The chocolate brown with blond highlights admiringly complements her facial features and is suitable for any occasion.

Paula Deen’s Layered Shag

What about the beloved restauranteur Paula Deen? Paula’s layered shag haircut speaks for itself – she doesn’t even need to color her hair! Paula Deen has adopted a medium shag varying her layers from softly angled, straight and to beautiful waves always giving her that graceful radiant quality.

And of course who could forget the classic blond Meg Ryan shag, giving her that irresistible innocent charm. Other celebs with shags include Jodie Foster, Kate Micucci, Sharon Stone, Reese Witherspoon, HalleBerry, Jessica Biel and Sharon Osbourne.

Male celebrities

Famous men have also jumped on board the shag craze. Brad Pitt’s just got out of bed look makes any woman go wild. Other shagsters include chef Gordon Ramsay, David Duchovny and Owen Wilson.

Stars with a shag radiate youth and trendiness. But what more do these styles say about the celebrities or more importantly what are they trying to convey?

No matter whether she’s in the kitchen or the garden, Paula Deen always looks presentable. Being in an advisory position, if you will, Paula has gained our trust and our love for her. How did she do it? Not only through her priceless knowledge and charisma, but also with a hairstyle that says “with age comes wisdom and I still know how to be hip”.

We know sadly David Duchovny has been trounced by his sex addiction but to his credit has sought rehabilitation assistance. His ever sexy shag haircut gives him a boyish innocent charm. Who would have guessed that such a stylish and poised Fox Moulder would encounter any such dilemma?

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’s long burgundy cut with shaggy side bang has given her a boost of freshness, perhaps a Bittersweet edge.

Owen Wilson’s medium wavy layered cut is rather unique. It’s still suitable for professional outings and for his age yet no woman can resist the young blond surfy guy look he presents. He says he’s a trouble maker and his rugged sexy cut confirms that.

A celebrity that just exudes fun and enthusiasm, Lisa Rina’s multi layered cut says I’m wild and ready for action, quite appropriate for her Chicago musical.

As you can see, the shag hairstyle is so versatile in terms of both the look and the persona that it can portray. Stylists of the above celebrities are miracle makers, capturing each of their personalities and presenting them in sophisticated fun loving shag styles.

Hopefully we’ll see more and more celebrities take our breath away with their gorgeous shags.